Ya no queda mucho tiempo
Antonio de las Heras/David de las Heras
Graduation proyect


“Ya no queda mucho tiempo” is the title of my final project for illustration studies. The project is a small book where I try to explain the relationship with my father. It is an attempt to get to know my father again and establish a more solid relationship with him. The relationship was rebuilt by looking into the past of my father and his relationship with his family. Thanks to this I have been able to understand many of the reactions he had and how my father really is like.

The first memory I have of my father took place in the kitchen of my house when I was about two or three years old, I was drawing on the floor, drawing a human head, my father approached me and looked at the drawing and he saw that I had drawn the ears of the person on the sides of his neck, so he looked at me and said:

" David, look at me and tell me where I have my ears "

I observed him and realized that he had them at the height between the eyebrows and the mouth ... it was the first drawing lesson he gave me ...

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