Solo exhibition 
in Bellaza Gallery

David de las Heras has been drawing since childhood, partly influenced by his father. He dedicates to the arts, and we could say that he is one of those versatile persons within what they call the art world. He paints large canvases, small drawings, illustrates books, contributes in magazines ... 
No matter what he does, he always leaves his imprint, a mark that without a doubt is not only esthetic. If we would lift up the paint from the paper or the cloth, hundreds of monsters, butterflies, birds and people would come out. It is not difficult to perceive that there is emotion in his work. We may see an elephant, a cloud, a fire or a forest. Maybe nothing is happening. Those who see beyond the forest, those who flee for a second where they are riding elephants crossing a field of colors, who talk with birds, who see their reflection in a drawing… ask them if nothing is happening.


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