Microcosmos magazine
# 03 Party

The cover and back for number #03 "Party " for the magazine Microcosmos .

Microcosmos, as well as the book by Magris and the compilations of the piano pieces by Bartok , also represents the idea of what is a story, a kind of a miniature, independent and unique universe , a world apart.

With a pathological need to label things we could say about Microcosmos that it is a magazine of stories, a literary magazine , cultural, and humanities magazine... But what really matters are the stories of any kind , the stories , the narrative (also audiovisual ) that this is all part of a human being.. Through all this we people express our concerns and individual worries as well as those of our society. This way we know ourselves a little - just a little - more .

Microcosmos is a non-profit project that aims to spread and make known the works of authors who have something interesting to say. We want to do it with our own voice , speaking , the best we can, of books, of art, of ideas.


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